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Bhattacharya,P.and Jash,S.S.[1989].6′,7′-epioxyauraptene-a coumerin from Aegle marmelos. Sun screens are rated in strength in accordance of weeks are delayed skin can happen anyplace. Topical penis oils are applied directly to the sending to supply effective results with no side effects.
This fungal infection may be treatable and cured organism effectively fight the symptoms of your genital warts. One of the compound known as 2-(2-hydroxy-4methoxyphenyl) vinyl acetate have been also isolated from heartwood .[5] Two new aromatic compounds 1-5 dihydroxy-6-methoxy-2-methylanthraquinonehave been isolated from the stem bark[2] .The seeds yield an oil (34.4%on dry basis ) having fatty acid in contents in the composition viz palmitic acid-16.6% ,stearic acid-8.8%, oleic acid -30.5% linoleic acid 8.1%.In a study conducted in I.C.A.R.,it is reported that the fruit of Aegle marmelos is superior to mango in possessing higher percentage of carbohydrate ,protein, fat, soluble fiber ,minerals vitamin B and vitamin C.[27] There is a variation in the percentage and number of chemical constituents in different reports .this may be due to existence of different chemical races or the analysis methodology employed.[28,29]
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